Relaxing holiday...

Farm holidays in Aschau in the Zillertal

We are a dairy cattle farm with   10 dairy cows   and about   8 pups. 2 times a day all cows are milked by the farmer Franz-Josef and then further processed in the dairy Fügen.

Since time immemorial we only feed hay and over the summer the cows enjoy the fresh grass on the pasture. Three times in summer the grass is mowed and dried to hay.

Farmer Isolde takes care of the garden design and the fruits and berries that grow around the house.

Animals at the farm:

It will not be boring with us at the farm! Lots of vieher and lots of space to move, play and have fun!

  • cows
  • Rabbits
  • goats
  • fish
  • calves
  • cats
  • ponies
  • chicken


In our farm shop you will find products that are produced here on our farm. Fresh milk, yoghurt and eggs, jam and juices (depending on the season) Salad and herbs, fish.

Trout Breeding Moser:
Tel: +43 / (0) 664 / 1532148